About Andrew Poole Bay

Andrew Poole Bay is not my real name.

Mother 1908-1974

Father 1896-1985

Born 23h55 Monday 30 September 1940 CE…

…in York, England.

Known ancestry is English, Scottish, French-Hugenot, and Welsh.

Raised under evangelic-christian, superstitious, sky-guy-salvation-package-deal, vile nonsense.

Childhood holidays in old railway carriage, Collins Camp, Filey. 

Walked up the spiral stone staircase route to top of central tower of York cathedral three times.

Various factory, shops, and office jobs.

Horrendous mess-ups in all aspects of my working and emotional life.

Have vacationed in Germany 1961, Canada 1968 and 1979, Kenya 1980, and Los Angeles in 2008.

Seriously interested in Human Spaceflight.

The best moment of my life was walking up Mount Lee in Los Angeles and looking down over the HOLLYWOOD Sign. I do not apologize for this, possibly naff, thing. I am a simple tourist and I don’t care. Visitors to London, watching the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, seeing Big Ben, walking around the statue of Eros, or strolling in Trafalgar Square seem to share my feelings.

I began this web log hobby in about 2008 and find that the most enjoyable moment of it is when I go: Dashboard, Tools, Delete Site and click all that duff stuff away into oblivion… Happy day…

The saddest thing is that I try again… Bad mistake…   


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